Find Router IP Address

Find Router IP Address

You have to log on to a home router in order to configure it. You must know what the IP address of the router is, for this purpose. IP addresses beginning with 192.168 are used in home networks. Most of the time, routers have IP addresses like or

First Option : WINDOWS

Hit Start > Search Box > cmd on your keyboard (command prompt). Then enter ipconfig in order to find the default gateway. On W7 and XP PCs, the result will be like this:

Identify ‘Wireless Network Connection’ not ‘Local Area Connection’ if the computer is on Wi-Fi. A wireless connection is called ‘Wireless LAN adapter Wi-Fi’, whereas a wired one is referred as ‘Ethernet adapter Ethernet’ on Windows 8 devices.

Second Option: MacOS

You can open a terminal window using Finder>Applications>Utilities> and typing:

netstat -nr | grep default

Or you may prefer to check the IP of your router via the regular interface.

  • Click the Apple menu which is at the top
  • Select ‘System Preferences’.
  • Hit the ‘Network’ icon.
  • Select a suitable network connection
  • Click the ‘Advanced’ button.
  • When you click the ‘TCP/IP’ tab, you will see the IP address at right of router.

Third Option: LINUX

Again open a terminal window from Applications>System Tools>Terminal and type

ip route | grep default or ifconfig

Or, you should select ‘Connection Information’ by clicking on the network icon in the notification area so as to find it on the regular interface. Next to gateway or default route, you will see the IP address.

Fourth Option: iOS (Apple iPhone)

On the Wi-Fi section of the Settings on iOS 9 and iOS 7, find and click on the connected wireless network. See the router’s IP in the DHCP or Static tab.

Fifth Option: ANDROID

Making use of an app such as Wi-Fi Analyzer is the best choice for Android. Install it, go to the ‘View’ menu and select ‘AP list’. Find the ‘Connected to: (Network Name)’ at the top. See the network information you need by tapping it.

Sixth Option: Chrome OS

First, on the taskbar, click on the notification area. Click on the click the ‘Connected to [Network Name]’ on the appearing list. Click the suitable wireless network. In order to find the address, click the ‘Network’ tab, once its network info is shown.

Find Router IP Address