– 192.168.O.1 Login Admin | Default Username and Passwords

A range of Netgear and D-Link routers uses or as their IP address. This is a private IPv4 network address which a home router can use to set up the default gateway. To hold address conflicts off, only one piece of equipment must use this IP address, in a network.

Login to

  • Type in or copy/paste into the address bar of a browser. This you’ll access the router’s management console.
  • When the admin login panel appears, enter your username and password information. Unless you have this info, find them in the default usernames and passwords catalogue or create new ones by getting help from this article.
  • You may make configuration changes (IP allocations, DNS, routing etc.) in the panel.

Why can’t I access

On the condition that there is a connection issue, initially you should identify whether your device’s IP address is Mistakes like typing O instead of 0 are common. See our list of IP addresses and article on finding IP addresses in different OSs. If your default IP is this one yet it still doesn’t work, disable firewall and antivirus software operating on your system.

How to change the router password?

Type in default IP address of the router and log in to the control panel. Then, introduce your router’s username and password. Now, you must be looking at the admin interface. Here, you should find the administrative tab. Click on ‘Change password‘ and enter your new password two times. – 192.168.O.1