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One of the Class A IP addresses used by router manufacturers as the default gateway routers is You can use it to setup your own network as long as it is unique in its local area network.

How can I login to a router with

  • Put in in the address bar of your browser, and hit Enter.
  • Now, you’ll see the management console. Login with your username/password. Unless you have this info, it must be at the back of the device. You can also check out our list of router default passwords.
  • On the menu display, select the Network.
  • You can use Dial-up/DSL method or others for the setup of the network. Enter the username/password your network provider gave you.
  • Google offers the DNS and

I can’t connect to

Local edge of a wireless access point connection to the Internet is represented by this IP. The address would be seen in their TCP/IP network gateway settings when the client devices join local area network (LAN). Ping utility can be used in order to see whether any device on LAN is using

What are some common problems?

  • Gateway device that doesn’t respond and wrong device address assignment. This happens when your device uses a different IP address. Here, find your router’s IP gateway.
  • Clients connect to gateway through SSID (network name) and automatically, needed IP address configurations are administered to the client. Many other Networks rely on automated client address assignment, either. Small technical problems in this routine, though not common, may bring out corrupt or lost gateway settings on the client side. –